Video  |  November 15, 2022

If you are an educator, see what can help you help your students in emotional management


Emotions are complicated entities even for adults. Imagine how these middle schoolers you teach might be feeling all the time. Confusion, conflicts, confidence issues, and whatnot form a part of growing up. And as an educator, you might not always have enough time on hand to help your students in managing their emotions, let alone prepare a separate curriculum for the same. But, while you take care of the academic part of their middle school life, having an SEL program at your fingertips can be all you need to help develop important life skills in middle schoolers.

With Palo SEL integrated with the school curriculum, educators can focus better on academic learning and let our bite-sized daily lessons guide students through their emotions.

Building educators’ own skills and knowledge in SEL can make it easier for both educators and students to devise mechanisms for all the things that comprise middle school life like low grades, exam stress, insecurities, developing healthy relationships, etc. Palo’s research-based life skills modules come with engaging activities and interactive lessons that students can take themselves. Educators can easily use this time to engage one-to-one with students or carry on with their own tasks. It’s a win-win!

Morgan Atkins