Featured Video  |  November 15, 2022

If you are an educator, help middle schoolers manage their screen time with these simple tricks


In our digital world, it has become difficult to separate kids from smart devices. The pandemic has specifically changed the way schooling works. With a hybrid education model, there is no way out but to have students surrounded by digital tools. And with the internet and social media combined, it is a daunting task to ensure that students’ screen time is managed to a decent level. Palo has devised some methods that educators can share with the parents of middle schoolers to help balance their online and offline times.

It’s difficult to monitor the online activities of students, let alone get control over it. But, with these three tips, parents can ensure that their kids have screen time within a healthy range.

The education of a child happens with the combined efforts of the educator, parents, and the kid. With this, Palo provides actionable methods to teachers to help them in educating parents of middle schoolers. Having a clear delineation for school activities and leisure times along with a screen time limit and weekly tech blackouts, parents can try to manage the screen times for their children. All of these, in turn, teach self-control as well, which plays a significant role in the social-emotional learning of students. Connect with Palo for more such insights on whole child development.

Michael Cho