Our mission:
To help schools foster
whole-child excellence
in every student.
To make it happen, we're empowering middle school students with a unique set of life skills. Skills that complement the academic skills they're learning in school. Skills that spark a zest for life and help them thrive as a whole - academically, mentally, socially and emotionally. Skills that set them up for success – in school, college and beyond. So, is your school ready to spark it up?
Powered by technology Driven by empathy
Precision is important to us. We rely on data science and tech to bring you fresh new student insights and growth metadata that help you assess your school climate and measure student progress. We conduct extensive research to assess the learning, behavioral, mental and socio-emotional needs in middle school students. And our guided curriculum provides guidance and learning strategies to students that help bring about long-term changes and improvement in their behavior, and in turn, life.
Our Values
Providing help & guidance to students, educators and schools. All day, every day.
Building a bond of trust with every student, as we steer them towards excellence.
Envisioning a future where education is personalized for the 'whole child' and serves the student's individual needs and interests.
Meet Team Palo
A team of educators, parents and counseling experts on a mission to raise happy, confident and resilient students.
Our Current & Past Advisors
Our experts and advisors are an integral part of making Palo into a product schools love. They are experts in their fields of behavioral psychology and child development, with years of experience behind them. Find out more about our curriculum experts and their unique coaching process... Learn more>>