Our Philosophy

We believe each child has what it takes to succeed.
What we do is empower their strengths & draw out their full potential - so they can thrive in every area of life!
Our process
We follow a 6-step coaching process that’s tailored for each child- their unique needs, strengths, life goals & learning journey.
Backed by science | Research-based | Data driven
Step 1
Get a FREE consultation
Join the waitlist
Join our Beta waitlist. Get a chance to schedule a FREE 20-min consultation with a Palo Coach to assess the areas where your child might benefit from coaching.
Step 2
Get a coach
Palo smart pairing
Based on the student’s needs, we pair your child with the right Coach who has the experience & expertise to support them.
Coach conntect
Coach begins a video call to get to know your child better.
Step 3
Start coaching
Bite-size coaching
Coach and student communicate through video or chat; discusses topics ranging from school, home, friends to stress, anxiety, and future goals.
Step 4
Custom roadmap
Planning roadmap
Coach plans a success roadmap with weekly challenges and activities to build each skill set.
Weekly Spark
By engaging with the Coach daily (Monday-Friday) & completing the weekly challenge, the student earns a Spark.
A Spark can either be an applicable knowledge, practical skill or positive attitude.
Step 5
Daily check-in
Intelligent Nudges
Coach checks-in via personalized video or text messages; shares tips, tricks & tools the student can apply in day-to-day life.
Step 6
Track progress
Persistent motivation
Coach monitors how your child is responding to the ups and downs of daily life. He/she pushes your child to give their best every day, while also providing support during the tough days.
Meet the brains behind Palo
Palo is led by a team of coaches who are experts in the fields of parenting, behavioral therapy, neuroscience and child psychology.